The beginning


My life has been a journey, with some non linear work experiences in-between. I worked in a tourism shop, in events, and after a master degree in architecture… as an architect and interior designer.


But then there was a twist. I felt like my life was a becoming static and I wanted to explore new fields around creativity, image, media, ads. So over time, and having invested “a few hours” reading and studying about marketing and all its dynamics, I began to become increasingly interested in the digital marketing field. 


Result: The creation of websites or their management, the creation of content and their different formats, the strategy of expanding a brand and everything that involves the digital sphere, motivated me to change my professional course.


The process


It all went well, so far. I took a risk and got my first experience at UNIKA STUDIO, as a Digital Marketing Strategist. 


A short time later I joined UNIK SEO and there began to grow knowledge within Search Engine Optimization.


Over time I have been evolving and growing the professional focus, having entered as Digital Marketing Manager at Sports Partner. 


After a year in this last experience I started a new adventure, in-house, as an SEO Specialist in Digital Group Portugal, a leading company in the digital marketing market, namely in the areas of PPC, Social Media Management and SEO.


With this chapter closed, I moved on to in-house once again, now at GuestReady, a world leading short and mid-term holidays rental management company. Growth in the making!

Hand typing on a laptop

It's a wrap.

That's all for now. In case you want to talk to me, you're more than welcome. I can help you understand better the SEO universe, and all of its benifits in such a complex help you get a clear perspective on Digital Marketing in Portugal, or any other matter towards this complex yet amazing field.